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Vacuum Pouches

Also known as Vacuum Packs or Vacuum Seal Bags, these Pouches are idea for perishable goods & dry packaging. The most common use for Vacuum Pouches is of course Food Storage and Packaging.  They are also common for Medical and Pharmaceutical packing, where an air-tight and sterile environment is critical. In fact a Vacuum Pouch can even be used for packaging clothing. The moisture proof seal is idea to keep cloth materials dry and as new prior to sale or display.

By reducing the atmosphere in the packaging, a Vacuum pouch protects and preserves the product, giving a longer shelf life. The leak proof barrier prevents micro organisms from growing.

Other great uses for vacuum pouches could be pet food bags, meat, fruit and vegetable storage, as well as vacuum bags to store metal or electrical components. By protecting against moisture, metals may avoid rust and corrosion.

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Weight6 kg
Dimensions36 × 54 × 8 cm