Bulk Buy Shipping

Shipping need to knows

At B2B Here, we like to keep things simple. For this reason a set of bulk buy shipping rules ensure minimal freight costs. Furthermore, the entire process is simple and intuitive.

Purchases ship direct from the supplier, saving you time and expense. In fact our clever algorithms will find the fastest, most competitive courier, to deliver your order. Of course, if you are located in a Melbourne or Sydney Metro area, we cover the cost of shipping when your shopping cart exceeds $500. *Excludes GEOHEX

For most other locations we provide a Flat Rate shipping cost. Flat Rates are based at a cost per pallet rate of your purchase. If you buy less than a pallet, the calculation is made to reduce the flat rate. Similarly, if you buy more than a pallet, the Flat Rate is based upon how many pallets required.

In the case of delivery to remote areas, we endeavour to find the most competitive shipping rates available.

Alternatively, we understand that you may prefer to arrange your own shipping. If you wish to discuss alternative shipping, just touch base with our friendly customer service team and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements.

We have used the following shipping rules;

Free Shipping

When your shopping cart exceeds $500, we will provide free shipping to the following areas;

Melbourne Metro Areas

Sydney Metro Areas

*Excludes GEOHEX

Non-Metro Shipping

B2B Here have partnered with major shipping companies, to offer competitive rates Australia wide. Our built in shipping Calculators will provide the best available rates for your order.

Flat Rate Shipping

To all Major localities across Australia, competitive shipping is provided by the following couriers;


Australia Post


While we make every effort to provide clear Bulk Buy Shipping rates, we understand that things get a little confusing at times.

Consequently, we provide a friendly customer support service, who will assist with any of your logistics queries, by clicking here.