Aplus Plastics

Plastic bin supplier founded in 1973 Aplus Plastics manufacture top quality plastic products. Specifically the Australian owned company offer a wide range of Plastic injection moulding products with an emphasis on quality. Overall, popular plastic products from Aplus include Tote Bins, Pails and Tech Bins.

Aplus offer Free Shipping to Metro Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on orders over $300.

With over 50 years’ experience in the plastics industry A Plus provide customers with creative product design, specialist material selection & product prototyping. Additionally they offer mould design partnered with a state of the art, completely automated injection moulding facility.

Ultimately A Plus is a market leader in developing new and improved manufacturing techniques. This includes 6-axis robotic automation, the development of biodegradable resins, along with the establishment of new over moulding concepts for RFID tags in materials handling crates for supply chain systems.