Polyolefin Shrink Film

$134.64$451.44 ex GST

Single Rolls and Bulk Discounts


B2B Here offer the lowest Prices in Australia across our Wholesale Polyolefin Shrink Film range.

Overall, the range is supplied by DFC Packaging and distributed across Australia. Notably, the DFC Polyolefin range has excellent clarity, puncture resistance, excellent seal strength and magnificent shrink qualities. This provides the ability to shrink wrap irregular shaped products and maintain protection throughout supply chain.

As a result of this versatility, Polyolefin has the ability to travel through a heat tunnel and contain its balance and shrinkage. For this reason, its soft and flexible texture suits both semi and fully automatic shrink units including;

  • High speed shrink machines
  • L-bar sealers, shrink tunnels
  • One step shrink machines
  • Bundle wrappers
  • Flow wrappers

and many more

All in all, we hold polyolefin in gauges of 15, 19 and 25um in many different sizes.

Additionally, B2B Here offer the most competitive prices on Polyolefin. You will see increasing discounts in increments of 4 units. Simply add 4, 8 or 16 units to the cart, update and watch the discounts rise. Buying in bulk is simple and the savings are massive.

For extra large quantities, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team for special shipping arrangements.

Generally speaking, the sizes shown are appropriate for most machinery. However should you require further clarification or advice regarding Polyolefin Shrink Film, our customer service team are able to answer any questions. To learn more, please email admin@b2bhere.com.au or use our live chat facility when available.