$3,445.00 ex GST

Pallet contains 210 Square Meters of 30mm HYDROCELL™ Drainage Cells.

(Each Hydrocell tile measures 30mm x 600mm x 500mm)

Prices per SQM from $13.44 to $16.40

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Hydrocell™ Drainage Cell

Hydrocell™ is an easy to install, but highly versatile Drainage Cell. Manufactured from Geo-composites Hydrocell™ is both lightweight and highly compressive. At its core lays a polypropylene profile. Externally this unique shape is wrapped in a geotextile which allows filtration to occur. The shape and space between each cell, combined with this technology promotes water to travel horizontally and without obstruction.

For this reason, Hydrocell™ is ideal for situations where soil erosion is of concern.

Applications include;

  • Subsurface Drainage for permeable driveways and car parks
  • Roof gardens
  • Podium landscaping
  • Retaining walls
  • Sports fields & Golf courses
  • Under drains for slabs and foundations


Weight500 kg
Dimensions117 × 117 × 245 cm