GEOHEX Soil Erosion Control (Per Pallet)

$2,280.00 ex GST

Pallet contains 170 Units (85 sqm) of GEOHEX Plastic Pavers.

Single Pallet Price per Square Meter $26.20

***At $13.10 per paver, we won’t be beaten on price***

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GEOHEX Soil Erosion Control System

The GEOHEX Soil Erosion Control System provides a stable grounding across many applications.

Uniquely, these plastic pavers offer ground stabilisation and sediment control across surfaces such as turf and soil.

In addition to the enhancement of Water Saving measures, GEOHEX can vastly improve the safety of environments from Mine Sites to the domestic driveway. Furthermore, the Erosion Control System is quick and easy to assemble. Perfect for temporary events as well as permanent fixtures.

The manufacturing process uses a High Impact Co-Polymer Polypropylene. Moreover, each plastic paver is 100% Recycled and thus environmentally friendly.

Notably designed and made in Australia, with low maintenance and logistics costs in mind.

So GEOHEX is a cost-effective surface stabilisation and erosion solution, resolving soil stability problems. The Erosion Control System design, prevents erosion, stabilise infill as well as control shearing. Additionally the system will prevent lateral and vertical movement in a wide range of soil and substrate types.

Increasing the effective structural integrity of soils, GEOHEX Erosion Control System creates a stiffened base layer. This provides increased load support whilst preventing soil subsidence and soil erosion. GEOHEX Erosion Control System increases safety on the edge of roads, parking areas and embankments, with many other medium to high traffic surfaces too.

The Pavers have a maximum load bearing capacity of 1200t/sqm* with interlocking polypropylene hexagonal cells. The GEOHEX Soil Erosion Control System is suitable for use in just about any type of ground and geological conditions.

Finally, where used, the GEOHEX Erosion Control System increases safety. Its ease of use allows for the creation of almost endless configurations, which are interchangeable and extendable at any time.


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Weight460 kg
Dimensions110 × 110 × 220 cm

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