B2B Sales are here

B2B Sales are finally here

B2B Sales are here and the team at B2B Here are excited to announce that we are open for business.  Finally, businesses in Australia have platform on which to sell and buy in bulk.

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Our business model

Put simply, B2B Here aim to bridge the divide between suppliers and manufacturers, with businesses who require bulk buying power.

In order to deliver the very best deals, we negotiate unbeatable bulk buy deals across a variety of products.

Furthermore, B2B Here create a tailor made pricing structure for each and every product we list. Consequently both buyer and indeed the seller get the best deal, without the bartering.

With a variety of products, comes a complex network of suppliers and customers from all corners of Australia. In the past, the great distances often lead to crippling shipping costs. But unlike before, B2B Here now offer minimal shipping rates to most destinations in Australia. In fact, for businesses located in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney Metro areas, shipping if free. * Conditions may apply

Bulk buy sales

Above all, B2B Here reward bulk buys. The larger the quantity, the more you save. Once you have placed an item in your cart, try increasing the quantities to reveal further discounts.

At the same time, we will work to ensure shipping is free or kept to an absolute minimum.

Suppliers jump aboard

The B2B Here team are always keen to welcome new manufacturers and suppliers on board. Indeed, we appreciate how difficult it can be to get your products in front of the right audience. That’s where we come in. Together with our easy to use website, comes a lifetime of marketing experience. We ensure that your products get found quickly by the right customers. As a result of our careful targeting, suppliers need not trouble themselves with sales and marketing. Instead, they can do what they do best, while B2B Here takes care of the rest.